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Things I Have Inadvertantly Put in the Dryer: A Memoir

13 June
External Services:
I love making new friends on-line, and if you're friendly, I'd love to add you. :)

I like to read and I *love* to write. I love television, movies, and music. Currently I'm absolutely in love with Supernatral, I also love X-Files (I'll watch it forever, I'm sure), and JAG (I still love Harm).

I'm currently working as a high school tutor, and enjoying it immensely.

By the way... If any of you are network executives/ producers/ writers/ authors who have stumbled upon this profile, heed this warning... if fanfiction pisses you off, do me a huge favor and click on the little "X" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. "Why?" you may ask. The answer is simple:

I'm poor, you're not, and it keeps me from punching stupid people... so deal with it. I read it, I write it, and most of us sure as hell don't make any money off of it. If, however, you'd like to offer me a job, then by all means... read on.